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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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$4.46. >> i think it is funnier that he wants the filet of fish, that is the special report thank you for joining us. make it a great weekend. fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes on the record right now. this is a fox news alert. they are closing in right now, iraq and iran joining forces in a critical joint operation ÷ess than 100 miles from baghdad. iraqi and iranian military forces just approaching the out skirts of tikrit. the iranian forces and special op just outside the city, even as the u.s. planes are sitting on the sidelines because of tell me what is the latest in this fight. >> hi well -- i can comment on the last 24 hours, details of
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clashes in the fight in tikrit. first of all, the iraqi troops recovered the town from the hands of isis and its military. and many iraqi officials resources confirmed that. with some of the pro-government militant, they are the so-called popular fighters. our resource said that they are facing an intensive fight near an abandoned building. so they are going through it very slj west of the city. yes. >> is there any -- expectation that isis will prevail i' this fight for tikrit. or is isis going to -- is it -- is iran and iraqi -- can they so
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overpower isis at this point? >> yes exactly. but officials from inside the iraqi army explained that they are going to -- through tikrit slowly and very -- slow. but -- steady progress through the -- the ruined city. and there is much difficulties facing -- they are facing very much difficulties in progressing. so the isis fighters -- the mine of the city -- rur'ed. the fight of snipers and -- now heavy intensive snipers of the isis militants. >> and in terms of iran, do you
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have any sort of idea? can you assess how much support iran is giving iraq? >> well nobody here denies that the -- the coordination with iran. and especially in the training. and the ready of the pro-governmental militants. the shiite militants. but you can notice that the existence of your iranian trainers or iranian guides are indeed on the ground. and -- the new things that in the social media in the iraqi social media, they -- they show pictures of iranian captains covered by the iranian flags on
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the border's gate between iraq and iran. that explains that some of these trainers or military counselors lost their lives during the slashes. >> thank you very much. and now to some disturbing news tonight, the fbi department of homeland security on alert, warning people to be on the lookout for teenagers joining isis. the bulletin comes after a high school student in west virginia traveled to syria to join isis. nice to see you matt, tell me about this young man, this teenager. >> well he is a 17-year-old at osborne park high school which is a high school in the surbs of d.c., in prince william county, maryland. a very smart kid, writes on line about %m faith and digital item, bitcoin, a teacher said he never really talked much about
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islam. he didn't seem radical, but just a normal american teenager. >> so what happened? he is? custody -- he is in custody right now? >> he is in custody right now and using oñ-line contacts to join syriañ[k -- >> when you say help, is help -- does that mean helping get a plane ticket? any idea what the help is? >> there are a lot of ideas, we don't know specifically what the help is. but we know the teen had contact with isis, not necessarily high level commanders but that he was talking to people overseas that this guy not much older than him would help him to connect with. >> and this guy is how old? >> 18 or 19? >> and what is th relationship? i9
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to find out. >> and this teenager did his parents talk -- >> his mom and his lawyer would not talk either. >> and the fbi is not talking? >> and the fbi is not talking? >> they are not talking, he is legally a juvenile, so they are not allowed to talk. >> is this a hot bed, or is this a complete shock? >> well, i think experts who study it, this is not necessarily a shock. they say look in the social media age you will see more and more cases like this. i think the intelligence has estimated that either 180 americans have tried to travel or have successfully traveled to syria. but people who know this kid are definitely surprised. they say there were no warning signs in any of this kid's multiple makeup that would lead him to do this. >> this is so unbelievable, that a kid -- the line between being stupid and something so profound
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profoundly dumb everybody says this kid is very nice has he been saying radical talk around friends or school? any of that stuff? >> yes, there is this radical stuff, in all of this case there is that debate, is this a kid who got duped? is this a real serious threat? in this case the feds believe he actually helped somebody get overseas. i think that is pretty significant. he was talking on line about isis. >> what was he saying on line about isis? >> we don't know specifically. we just know he was talking on line -- >> was he having any contact with isis or just talking with isis on line? >> we think he did have contact with isis. >> which is a bigger step forwardp)y >> it's not simply sort of expressing views that the fbi didn't like. it's actually having contacts over there. we know he was actually help -- is with idea? >> yes, he is.
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>> well, that is another big step forward that the guy said he is actually with isis. >> right, and there is a lot we don't know about this kid and like you say there were steps to help this kid get over there. >> matt, thank you. and high alert, a man on campus reportedly raising money for isis. students saying there was an e-mail this week warning them of a man on campus actively asking for donations connected to isis. the school administrators say there does not appear to be an active threat to the community at this point. stay tuned to fox news for the very latest. and developing right now here in the united states and in texas. an islamic tribunal using sharia law what is this about? >> well, greta, people may be surprised about this. first of all, one of the kind in the united states. first let's be clear, this is not a clear. we already have those in place
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obviously. the website advertises it as an islamic tribunal that practices sharia law. it consists of three local imams and a doctor of study but none licensed to practice law in texas according to the state bar association. they serve more of an arbitration role, issuing binding decisions on muslim divorce cases. and then a licensed attorney they work with filed the official paperwork with the courts. i'm told by the group's leader that this is no different from tribunals in the catholic church regarding annulments or the rabinic courts used by the jews. >> this is just for divorce cases because muslim woman cannot divorce just to find the decree in the civil courts -- >> critics are worried this could become a problem.
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in other parts of the world as you know sharia law can involve other practices such as corporate law and even stoning. some question the need for a way of doing things here at home when we already have our own justice system in place. >> religious freedom is protect protected under our first amendment. and we are not in any way shape or form trying to stop that. what we're trying to do is make sure that our laws are followed. and respected. >> now the tribunal tells us it so far has handled about 25 cases in the last year and two months it has been up and running greta. >> casey so as i understand it you have tribunals much like an arbitration or panel, where they reach an agreement between the party and then they take it to court. the court rubber stamps it, reviews it and decides if the couple should be divorced or reached a business deal -- is that right? >> yes, they work with this law
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office since the actual members of the tribunal are not practicing law. so they come up with the agreement and send it to a lawyer licensed to practice in the state of texas and that is where the court paperwork is filed and such. >> much like if you and i got into a business agreement and a fight and i decided to have a mediator and they took it to court andge stamps it and says okay? >> yeah, that is exactly right. yes, i'll be waiting for the $50 check in the mail -- >> i thought i misspoke, i think you owe me $50. >> oh i owe you. >> anyway casey, thank you. and coming up, a warning to progress from benjamin netanyahu. >> my friends, for over a year we have been told that no deal is better than a bad deal. well, this is
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the argument is should it come to the committee first? there are still a lot of questioñs. i've said all along i think the law requires the undoing of sanctions that were put on by congress. obviously, the law would require that congress would have to undo it. he want do it on its own, there is a big debate if the president can undo anctions on his own. and there is a discussion about congress approving the agreement. >> all right, there is a lot of
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heat on the president giving executive orders alone and not going to congress. can you tell me why this agreement with iran that the president is negotiating is not a treaty. nation to nation, nuclear weapons monitoring, much like the stark treaty. and if it is a treaty it should go to the senate for advice and consent and a super majority votes. why is it going that way? >> if it sounds like a treaty, looks like a treaty, i think it's a valid question. and i'm oñ the foreign relations committee. that is a debate, well debate on how we approve of the agreement. the interesting thing is most of the discussion has been whether the president gets to do it by himself with no approval or not. this is the debate we have been having with the administration. what we have been attempting to do is at least codify in law that we'll have to approve it one to give him strength to negotiate from a position of strength knowing that any agreement is not going to pass muster. i think you make a good point,
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we'll bring this up next week, is this a treaty, or not? and we'll have a debate. >> and i can't figure out if it is a treaty or not, in terms of the ratification that the president did have. in one way, they may say it's an executive order that the president thinks he can go alone without the senate. and the constitution section two clause says that he must go to the senate. and it's a treaty. >> and that is the problem, in the last 100 years a lot of powers have been given up by congress and taken over by the presidency. and there is a category of things they call the agreements. the democrats maintain there should be no votes. the democrats are mostly opposed to the corker bill because at the don't believe the president should have any vote in congress. and now the point you have is
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whether or not it should be a simple majority like an agreement. or whether it should be similar to what a treaty is, which should be a two third's vote. >> and your thoughts on -- prime minister netanyahu. what impact did he have? >> i think a big impact because it drew everybody's attention to -- maybe broadened people's perspective on whether or not it is about nuclear enrichment. he brought a message, which is an important one or the qestion which maybe it should be about them renouncing terrorism in the middle east. maybe it should be also about conventional weaponry such as intercontinental ballistic missiles. but i do like the fact he said the choice is not a bad deal or a better deal maybe there could be a better deal and that he was not opposed to negotiation. and that ultimately israel from his perspective wants peace and that we want peace. and i believe that is an important message to continue to send, that we do want to negotiate. it's difficult to trust people
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who are your adversaries. and i believe i acknowledtt that as well. but i don't want it to be about ending negotiation and that the onl )ut is war. and i believe what i heard from netanyahu is continuing to 'egotiate in a better deal is better than a bad deal. >> senator, thank you, sir. and straight heard. you ought to be absolutely furious about what your government is doing to you. on the record investigates how away nearly $125 billion tax deals in just one year. e-mails could be a huge problem for former secretary of state hillary clinton. and a live report just moments away. [announcer] if your dog can dream it purina pro plan can help him achieve it. ♪ driving rock/metal♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪ music stops ♪music resumes♪
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about barea . $124.7 billion tax dollars almost gone, and yes, you heard me right, billion with a b. washington knows it's happening so why doesn't it get stopped? >> good to be with you, greta. >> how does this happen? >> you know, the strange thing it is not just this year. it's happening over and over and over and yet it's worse more then year than ever before and the agency is saying well, it's a rounding error. and we have to put a stop to it. we have had hearings but hearings are not enough, people need to go to jail. >> i agree, you're the first congressman that said it. the government knows about it, we're talking mostly about medicaid, medicare earned
4:21 pm
income tax credit. and so during the obama administration, a pair of amendments requiring agencies to take action to reduce the amount of waste every year. and in spite of those the actual amendments to -- have a reduction it has actually gotten worse. >> it has gone worseñ and they play percentage games and say percentage-wise, it's down, that cf1 o is only because spending has gone up. so improper payments continue to go up. and it's really fraud when you look at the big portion of it. you know some of it is clerical errors, but when you look at $126 billion that becomes real money. >> so aruáu going to refer to the prosecution when you find people do this -- is it a crime for these government individuals and agencies to waste people's money -- >> i can tell you, appleton, wisconsin, and what you care
4:22 pm
about, people back home in north carolina believe it's a crime. so we actually had a hearing last year. to say where is the progress? and if there is no progress, then their budgets need to be cut. sometimes they said well, you know, we can't collect more with less but there is no -- but there is no correlation with what they collect compared to their budget. >> all right well, i have a suggestion for you. you want whistle-blowers? >> we do. >> start giving government employees a percentage, let's say they find some person wasting money give them 10% of the money that is recovered to the treasury so someone finds $10 million an absolute waste to the treasury it is being stolen or whatever, wasted, is you giñe a million to the whistle-blower, nine million to the u.s. treasury -- >> i like it. we'll call it the greta act and we'll introduce it. >> there has been no incentive for any employee of the federal
4:23 pm
government to actually start turning people in who are doing methods to create fraud -- let's figure out a solution. >> that is where we get our best tips, those closest to the employees. somehow, the employees that know it's wrong main street knows it's wrong. so we have to address it. >> $125 billion, just for these three medicare. >> think about the great things we could do with that amount ofú money. it's almost a fourth of the deficit. yet if we just spent it in a lot of areas it could do good. >> why isn't this a popular issue to run on? why isn't someone championing this more? >> well, it's one of those things if you don'á get in the weeds and look at it more it actually doubles. - so there is a huge trend. we need to go back to 2007 and
4:24 pm
see what made a big difference. >> and the senator is trying to bang his head against the wall trying to get people to look at it for years. >> and he would highlight the number of things we spend money on that is wasteful. these are even worse than that. these are payments we don't even know where it went. so it's fraud. >> imagine $125 billion, fraud, and we don't know where it went. give the whistle-blowers incentive. good to see you. thank you. >> and more problems for secretary of state hillary clinton, damning new evidence on running damage control on the benghazi terror attacks. xlus, more on the crash landing at la guardia air(ort. one passenger who endured this horrible flight standing by to go on the record. mouths are watering, and stomachs are growling. or is that just me? it's lobsterfest... lobster's largest variety of lobster dishes all year. double up with dueling lobster tails. or make lobster lover's dream a delicious reality. but hurry this won't last long.
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eezeli developing now, more clinton controversy fox news at new evidence about what was going on at the state department within hours after the attacks on the american consulate in benghazi. catherine herridge joins us. >> well, greta, these e-mails were obtained through a federal lawsuit and really shows the clinton aides were running interference after the attacks. and that would -- >> everyone in washington has known him for years. >> and someone who you know has been with the clinton for
4:29 pm
decades. that cheryl mills told the senior state department official not to -- >> well, that would make sense not the answer questions if they didn't know what was going on at that point. >> it would, except for the fact the questions were very legitimate about the whereabouts of the ambassador, then his body was ultimately found. but the impact of cheryl mills telling a senior state department official meant the statement to wrongly link the attack to a protest that did not happen sparked by a video was left unchallenged and not updated through the course of that evening. and that became the dominant explanation. >> the video thing i thoug$t was goofy from the get-go. but as i recall, the thing about
4:30 pm
questions i recall is whether or not somebody in the u.s. had been to the hospital, they didn't know if it was a trap or not. it was about an eight or nine-hour operation. >> it was, but you have to look at the e-mails saying are these the people who she should be dictating the course of the situation in the state department. and these e-mails that were obtained by judicial watch who has been suing from day one to get this e-mail communication. is that there is nothing in the e-mails produced either to mrs. clinton's e-mail accounts or from mrs. clinton's e-mail accounts. and the only explanation is that her aides would kind of communicate from off line, get the directive and then dive into the state department pool and get that information out. >> what i think is weird about that night, where is the cia
4:31 pm
command er commander, where is the pentagon? why don't we have communication among the four groups? why is the state department handling what is essentially a military operation at that point and the cia who has all of their people there. >> you hit on something extremely important. because at the end of the day, one of the primary reasons for being in eastern libya has to do with the state department. the operation is one of the largest of the operations in africa and also the middle east. director, when the cia is under attck in libya, may be some place to be found in this. >> well there is communication ñ- with david petraeus. but one of the things that happened, the counter terrorism support group has never stood up. >> then we get back to the questionnaire, with all the important questions, anyway, catherine, as always, thank you. >> you're welcome. and now, new allegations the white house knew about secretary
4:32 pm
clinton's personal e-mail account as early as august of last year yes, during the mid-term elections. so why did it take this long for us to find out? kirsten, why are we just >> i mean isn't that always q question? i mean, i feel this is the perennials type of question -- >> if they hide it it suggests they may have done something right. yeah, i guess you may be on to something, greta. >> well, i think the white house wanted to give secretary clinton to hand over the e-mails. it wasn't until the summer of -- >> wait a second, this is not a game. give time to hand over. this should have been turned over to us. we should have been notified of this -- >> the real reason it came out
4:33 pm
now is that trey gowdy finally got ahold of the e-mails and the state department and the white house knew if they did not get it out in front of them that trey gowdy would have pushed it forward. and i don't see how anyone could expect they could bury a story this big with so many unanswered questions. >> i don't get it. the white house knew about it last august? and that is actually -- when they knew -- they knew that the house republicans knew about it. they may have known about it sooner than that. that is when they knew that the house republicans were on to them. so the white house knows it. the state department knows that the republicans are on to them. and secretary clinton does. not one of those three entities spoke up. they all tried to hide -- they were not talking about it. that would have been a good time to come clean about it. >> well, don't you think that they would like -- you can live in denial a little bit and think
4:34 pm
maybe we can just let it go and play out, and somehow it's not going to come out. it's real denial. denial is another word for saying that they're hiding it from us. >> they were hiding it from us. i mean i think that is obvious. the whole thing is from beginning to end is hiding information. is. and it is kind of -- when you think about it why would even if you go all the way to the basic issue of hillary clinton in these e-mails, why did she think that was not ever going to get found out? >> that is why i think it's so important. if there is an explanation, a good one, now is the time to have that conversation. i mean she may run for president. and we got -- rather than having all the wild speculation if there is a good explanation, maybe there is. i don't know. >> if there is a good explanation you would think you would have heard it. the best explanation you would think she wanted to make it more secure, but in fact it was not secure. we don't know what sort of
4:35 pm
classified informationaocould have been seen by spies. >> you know what? i would have liked the explanation better in august. the fact they didn't get it in august makes it even worse for me. >> and we knew that hillary clinton was using a private e-mail account two years ago. there was a hacking that took place, a former aide was leaking her classified or sensitive information. and we didn't know it was her only e-mail address, that she had set up a government account. and stay with us, new reports that the justice corruption charges against senator menendez. plus, shocking images from a crash landing at la guardia airport. taking the story on the record.
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normally people wear pants. yeah that's why i'm hiding captain obvious. not very well. i found you immediately. you know what else is easy to find? a new hotel with the app. i don't need a new hotel room, i just need to get back into this one. gary? it's wednesday gary! i know that janet! is more helpful than janet. this is a fox news alert just moments ago, senator robert menendez responding to reports he will be charged with
4:40 pm
corruption. they will charge him for illegally using his office to help out a major democratic donor. and moments ago, senator menendez speaking to reporters. >> let me be very, very clear, i have always conducted myself appropriately and in accordance ui the law. every action that i and my office have taken for the last 23 years that i have been privileged to be in the united states congress has been pursuing the best policies for the people of new jersey and of this entire country. >> and the on the record political panel is back. kirsten, couple of things, one, i think it is appalling that the justice department leaked this. i think it is disgraceful. secondly the facts look rather squishy. i think we oug$t to hear a lot more and of course we should hear a lot more. but i'm not so sure the justice department is not over-stepping
4:41 pm
with this one. >> yes, i mean, there are things to look into. but this is one thing that strikes me that politicians do. it is a little bit criminalizr'g. if he has a donor that has an issue and intervenes on their behalf. that is not necessarily pay for play. that is what people do, when they call and have problems and people know them they do try to help them. but i do think we have to wait to see what comes out of the investigation. >> i think this is no different than the obama administration, and the big farm help, and the handouás and goodies in those bills. timing of senator menendez who is one of the fiercest critics of the iran situation. and people are asking why did it happen now? there are statutes of there are investigations ongoing, so it could be a
4:42 pm
but i am guessing that menendez will say it is a witch hunt because he has the and dallasudacity to take on this administration. >> i would think that they would say, give up the facts. this is cruel if they have an indictment, unseal it. let's go. but this creepy, dirty leaking from the justice department i believe is so unfair to anybody. i don't know what menendez did or didn't do but i çure don't like this. >> well, as john said, he is extremely critical of the obama administration. >> that is even worse, if you have a little criticism of the justice department they're going to smear you like this? >> well, w don't know. we know we have a leak. >> there is a sense that there is a major coincidence going on at a ñare minimum, that now you have something that is pretty squiárv and you certainly know
4:43 pm
what you're talking about. >> and squishy because we don't have any facts. we don't have any facts because it is a leak from the justice department. >> it is a little bit of a smear campaign, i think that is what is going on. >> the facts and circumstances are this case, if you do that, i'll do this. again, the questions are medicare reimbursement, and whether or not customs is going to donate equipment to the dominican republic and the friend had a contract there and did that enrich him? so did this cross the lineñiñrñiñr from the usual favor-trding in washington? >> well let's get out the facts but what the justice department has done is come out and smear him. i don't know if he is guilty or not guilty, but the justice department, what they're doing is wrong. and near death on the run
4:44 pm
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what a fright on the runway. delta airlines at la uardia airpor
4:49 pm
incremental weather, we knew there would be issues. so the pilot came over the air off said that air traffic control had not given us the clearance to land yet. so we just circle the city, and finally after five or ten minutes he came back on the line anuu to land, iven clearance so we begin to descend, and as soon as the wheels touch and hit the ground within a second or two you knew that something was wrong, because the wheels didn't take, you didn't feel the gravity or leverage although usually feel when you fly and have that initial and so within two seconds we start to skid and go to the left side of the runway. and you start to feel the bumpy surface in the ground. and obviously, you know on the left is the water. you know the fence is there. and it was absolutely crazy. it felt like it was about 20 seconds and part of that time i just literally braced the seat in front of me. i put my head down and just started to pray and just asked
4:50 pm
for god's protection. i thought of my friend, david sanderson who was actually in the near tragedy on the hudson. he was actually on the plane. i said i'm going to end up in the water. and then as we got closer because the plane was not slowing down obviously you didn't have much leverage. and the embankment was a huge help to the pilot. but there were a few seconds where i thought i was heading into the water and this is it.
4:51 pm
people just sat in their seats, the flight attendant did a cool job, calm under pressure, the pilot gave the orders. the fact that he of the airplane literally hanging over the water just tells me the kind of leader he is. i'd love to give him a hug sometime and thank him personal personally. >> everyone wants to know. are you going to get back on a plane soon? >> absolutely. at the end of the day, i've been
4:52 pm
in a spirit of gratitude and reflection. moment when is i got out of the plane, i literally looked back at the plane and i just started to cry realizing the near tragedy that i just experienced. but obviously god's hand protected me. one of the things my minister says, god writes the best story. he's obviously not done writing >> congratulations on surviving. congratulations on the pilot. i'm happy for all of you. i'm not happy you had to go through that. jared, thank you very much. gripping story. but it ended well. >> thank you, greta. >> it was one year ago today mysteriously disappearing and it's nowhere to be found. on the record was the first to break the story. >> this is a fox news alert. malaysia airlines confirming it has lost contact with a passenger jet.
4:53 pm
the boeing 777 is carrying more than 200 passengers. the airline is working with search and rescue teams to locate the plane. we're going to bring you more information as we get it. >> and tonight one year later, still no word onp! áju -- on the fate of flight 370. so bizarre. coming up, dr. phil, public service or really hit the bottom trash tv? has to do with nick gordon boyfriend of bobbi kristina brown. i'm going to tell you what i think. off the record in just minutes. our experienced investment professionals are one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so in a variety of markets we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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get ready to speed read the news. a palestinian man rammed his car into a group of israelis. seven israelis including six female soldiers injured. media reporting that the man accused of attacking the u.s. ambassador with a knife is facing charges of violence
4:58 pm
against a foreign enjoy. he slashed the face of the u.s. ambassador of south korea. he's expected to be out of the hospital next week. and the world war ii airplane flown by movie star harrison ford is being removed from the golf course where it crash landed. he's banged up, but expecting a full recovery. >> and dramatic video of hundreds of skiers being rescued by a helicopter. the trapped skiers were lowered to the ground one by one hooked to cables hanging from the helicopter. no one was injured. and i'll go off the record for a minute. are you sometimes not really sure what you think about something or you change your mind? try this. i posed today about nick gordon, the boyfriend of bobbi kristina ñpbrown. brown has been on life support since january.
4:59 pm
now, dr. phil recently conducted with tv cameras an intervention with her boyfriend gordon. that taped intervention waz air on his show next week. my thought, aappalling that he would video and televise something so personal and so important as an intervention where an effort is being made to get someone to deal with a drug or alcohol addiction. am i right? yes, it's trashy and mean to prey on someone's weaknesses at a vulnerable time. then i wondered, what if what if someone watching the show thinks he or she knows someone has an addiction and jumps into action. that would be good. so right now i don't know what to think. trash tv of the worst kind or possible public service? so help me and tell me what you think aunt drñ phil televising an intervention. that's my off the record comment
5:00 pm
tonight. we'll see you monday night 7:00 p.m. eastern. and don't forget to go to greta wire and all that stuff. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on tonight. i think she is uniquely unequal fied to run a campaign. >> more troubles for hillary clinton amid reports she had multiple private e-mail addresses while serving as secretary of state. did she break the law? and how much damage is she doing to her party? >> this president is delusional or denial. whatever it is, he is placing this nation in great danger. >> iran joins the battle against isis for the key iraqi city. why are we turning over the fight against isis to our bitter enemy? i recognize that the findings in the report may leave some to wonder how


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